How Much Does a Funeral Cost?

The overall cost of a funeral is comprised by two separate figures. There are our costs (as your funeral director) and there are various third party fees that will need to be paid. Understanding which fees need to be paid in different circumstances can be a little tricky so we have detailed below a helpful guide which includes all of our current prices and information about the various third party fees.

We are only a phone call away should you have any questions or you would rather just talk to a real person about your requirements.

Our Fees as Your Funeral Director

Our Complete Service

What this includes:

£2295 + Additional Services and Third Party costs

Choosing a Coffin

Included in the cost of ‘Our Complete Service’, you can choose either the Balmoral or the Sandringham coffin, as displayed in the gallery below. There is an additional cost for the other coffins displayed.

These are just a selection of our most popular coffins. If you have something specific in mind, please speak to our team. We have access to a vast selection and will be happy to source something more specific to suit your requirements.

Veneer Finish
Solid Wood
Our Alternative Coffin Selection
Colourful CoffinsPOA
Additional Services
One Limousine (for the carriage of up to seven mourners)£195
Two Limousines (for the carriage of up to 14 mourners) £350
Provision of two additional coffin bearers where required (in addition to our standard team of four)£125
Printed Service SheetsFrom £25
Listing of Mournersfrom £25
Coffin into House or Church OvernightFrom £150
Saturday Funeral Surcharge£500
Additional Hearse and Staff Costs (for when a service concludes with either a burial or cremation on a separate date to the preliminary service)£500
Arrangement and Attendance at Interment of AshesFrom £85
Wooden marker for ashes plot, with engraved nameplate£35
Oak Marker Cross with Nameplate£65
Our Preparation of a Grave£445
Mileage costs for a long distance funeral or the collection of the deceased (per mile)£1.95
Horse Drawn HearseFrom £900
Our attendance at a Memorial or Thanksgiving service£95
Audio and Visual Services
P. A. System hire and the provision of music (with appropriate copyright licenses) for a service£65
Provision of a 43 inch screen to display Visual Tributes at service locations other than local crematoria (including staff to operate equipment)£85
Visual Tributes of up to 25 photos, professional edited into a video style tribute, perfectly timed to a piece of music of your choice (to be displayed at service locations other than local crematoria)£80
Each additional 25 Photos for a Visual Tribute£25
Service recording and online upload £55
Our Ashes Casket Selection
Kensington - Solid Oak or Mahogany Ashes Casket (Single/Double)£95/£165
Highgrove - Oak or Mahogany Veneer Ashes Casket (Single/Double)£75/£125
Willow Ashes Casket£60
Willow & Seagrass Ashes Casket£55
Ashes Scatter Tubes (Various Designs)£25
Willow & Seagrass
Third Party Costs

There are third party costs associated with any funeral arrangement that are completely outside of our control. These costs must be taken into consideration when considering the overall cost of the funeral. The fees detailed below are for illustrative purposes only. Your funeral director will furnish you with a detailed breakdown based on your specific requirements.

Our Enhanced Direct Cremation Service

What this includes:

  • We are available at any time day or night to bring the deceased into our care.
  • We will prepare and take care of the deceased until the day of the funeral.
  • Where possible, family and friends will be offered the opportunity to spend time with the deceased in our Chapel of Rest.
  • We will make all of the arrangements for the funeral service to take place at either the Woodland Hall at GreenAcres, Colney, Norwich or at the Cedar Hall at the Norfolk Bluebell Wood, Hainford. The coffin will be present upon arrival at the hall and will remain in place at the end of the service. The cremation will then take place after the funeral service at a local crematorium. No one is permitted to attend the crematorium for this part of the service.
  • We will give guidance to relatives or executors on the registration of the death and other matters relevant to the funeral.
  • We will make all of the arrangements for the funeral, liaise with local clergy, celebrants, the relevant crematoria, caterers and florists and also provide the funeral director and required staff for the funeral service.
  • We will receive flowers for the funeral and also process and acknowledge charitable donations in memory of the deceased both via our website and more traditional methods.
  • A Balmoral or Sandringham coffin.
  • A minister, civil celebrant or humanist celebrant to officiate the service.
  • All cremation costs, including, where necessary, doctor’s fee for cremation certificate.

Enhanced Direct Cremation fee – £2895

Our Direct Cremation Service

What this includes:

  • We will make arrangements to collect the deceased and bring them into our care from within a radius of 20 miles of our office. If this is done during our normal office hours of Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm, this is included within the Direct Cremation fee. Should we be required to attend outside of these hours, there will be an out of hours charge applied, (please see costs detailed below).
  • The date of the cremation will be decided upon at our discretion at a crematorium of our choosing. On the day of the cremation, we will provide a closed vehicle and necessary staff to transport the coffin directly to the crematorium.
  • At the crematorium, there will be no service held and no one is allowed into the chapel under any circumstances.
  • For the cremation, we will provide our Osborne coffin (a simple, light coloured coffin) and the deceased will be wrapped in a simple, dignified shroud. Chapel visits are not permitted with this level of service.
  • You will be advised of the date that the ashes will be available for you to collect from our office (unless you have requested that they are scattered within the grounds of the crematorium).
  • All necessary paperwork to allow the cremation to take place will need to be delivered directly to our office at a date indicated to you by your funeral director.
  • Payment for this service is required at the time of making the arrangements with your funeral director.
  • The cremation will not take place until full payment has been made.

Direct Cremation fee – £1350
Out of Hours Surcharge – £195

Comparing Costs – The CMA Standardised Price List

In 2021, the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) ruled that all funeral directors in the UK must provide a standardised price list, both online and in branch, to allow the public, quite rightly, the opportunity to compare prices across the market.

We are legally required by the CMA to show certain information about our prices, our business terms, who owns the company and information on the fees charged by local crematoria.

The pricing format the CMA requires is different from the fully itemised way we have always shown our fees on our website and our price lists. Nevertheless, we are obliged to show them in this format and we very much agree with having a standard format to make it easier to compare different firms’ prices.

Feel free to make use of either the CMA’s Standardised Price List or the information detailed above. The figures for either format all add up to the same totals anyway but if any of this is confusing please do contact us – we are here to help.

You may notice on the CMA’s Standardised Price List that we have shown a charge of £5 for visits to the chapel of rest within office hours. It has never been our practice to charge any fee for you to visit our Chapel of Rest, in or out of office hours, but the CMA insists that a charge is shown for every item. Hence the nominal fee.

You can download a copy of The CMA Standardised Price List here.

You can download a copy of Our Terms of Business and full Disclosure of Interests here.

Cremation Fees

In our area, we regulary use 4 different crematoria. In order to compare the costs of each, you can find the price guide for each of them here:

Breckland Crematorium

Cromer Crematorium

Earlham Crematorium

St. Faith Crematorium 

Our Cost Guarantee

As a small, independent firm, we believe we offer the very best value for the service we provide. If however you do have a written, like for like quote from somewhere else in Norfolk, we will always endeavour to match it.

Payment Options

Accounts can be settled in person, over the telephone or online using your debit or credit card.