Over the many years of arranging and conducting funerals, what has become really apparent to us is how much families and friends find the process of arranging a funeral much easier when they know what the wishes of the person were.

With this in mind, we have produced a free book for you to complete either with one of our team or at home, in your own time. With this book, you will be able to record, in detail, all of the arrangments for your funeral service so when it’s required, your family and friends know exactly what you’d want.

“I have often wondered if the songs I like will be remembered by my family when the time comes to arrange my funeral. Now that it’s all been noted down, it’s quite a relief”

The book has been designed to guide and give you ideas, along with a space to write letters for your family whilst providing you with somewhere to record all the practical information that will be required for your funeral.

There is also a section that has full details about what to do in the event of a bereavement so you have the peace of mind that when it’s needed, your family and loved ones will have all the information they need at their fingertips.

You can download a copy of the book below or if you’d prefer a copy sent in the post, fill in your details and we’ll post one out to you straight away.