Planning ahead with your local funeral home

The Ivan Fisher Funeral Plan is available to those who want the peace of mind that they will receive the type of funeral they would like, whilst knowing that at a difficult time, their loved ones will have fewer difficult decisions to make.Ivan Fisher - Managing Director of Ivan Fischer Funeral Homes

We’ve all seen the Funeral Plan adverts on TV and the leaflets through our doors, but what most people don’t realise is that a lot of these plans are sold by companies that have very little practical knowledge of how the funeral industry works on a day to day basis. We work with bereaved families daily and we have designed our plans to suit the needs of them, not the shareholders of a company. We’ve kept them simple but they can remain as flexible as you need them to be with regards to what is or isn’t included. With the Ivan Fisher Funeral Plan, there is no age limit and unlike many insurance policies, once it has been paid for, that’s it, you do not continue paying for life. The cost can even be spread over 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years to suit you.

Lewis Cook with Rev Jack Branford and David Martin from the Aylsham Team Ministry

No matter when our services might be required we can guarantee that our costs as the funeral director will be covered. There will be nothing more to pay as long as your requirements don’t change and we carry out your funeral.

Our plans also include a substantial contribution to essential third party costs, reducing the worry for your family at the time of need.

We have partnered with Ecclesiastical Planning Services Limited (which is part of the Ecclesiastical Group and a registered member of the Funeral Planning Authority) to provide The Ivan Fisher Funeral Plan, giving our clients assurance that their money is secure and ring- fenced for their funeral when the time comes. Every penny of the full value of your plan (excluding the initial management fee) is held securely to pay for your funeral, and your funeral wishes will be clearly documented.

The Ivan Fisher Funeral Plan

You can download a copy of our plan brochure and related documents including a price guide here:

To purchase a funeral plan from us online, simply click below to visit the website of Eccelesiastical Planning Services for information about our set plans and how to purchase online.

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We find that the majority of our clients prefer to sit down with us to talk about their plan in more detail. If you feel this appropriate, simply contact us and we can either come and see you at your home or you can make a time to visit us, all of course without any obligation.

If you would rather receive the documents in the post, complete the form below and we’ll send them directly to you.