Our funeral homes have been designed to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We know that many people dread stepping inside a funeral home so we do our best to make our clients feel at ease. With soft colours, traditional furnishings coupled with a friendly smile from the team, our aim is to make people feel like they are in familiar surroundings.

When we meet with a family, we will always allow lots of time so they never feel rushed or pressured. Our family meeting rooms are designed to provide a private, calm space so that our clients feel relaxed when faced with the task of making important decisions.

Chapel visits are entirely a personal choice. For some people, visiting a chapel of rest to see someone after they have died is a really important part of their personal grieving process and whenever it’s possible, we will always do our best to facilitate this. We have private chapels of rest in each of our offices, each unique in style but all offering privacy and a quiet space to reflect and remember someone.