What can I put in a coffin?

Written By

Lewis Cook

With a wealth of experience and knoweledge from across all aspects of the funeral industry, Lewis Cook answers some of the most frequestly asked questions posed to him and the rest of our team. If you have a question you would like to ask you can contact us here, send us a tweet @_ivanfisher or call us direct.

You may want to leave something in the coffin of a loved one and in the majority of cases, this will be allowed. Please be mindful that if the coffin is to be cremated, you will need to ensure that the items you leave in the coffin don’t contain flammable gases, liquids or batteries.

If we need to remove an item left with someone, we will let you know so you can arrange to collect it from us.

Popular items that people choose are photos, teddy bears, pet ashes, handbags and glasses.

If someone is being buried, we can be a little more flexible on the items that can go into the coffin but we do have to be mindful of the rules and regulations of the specific cemetery or churchyard that the burial will take place at.


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