Can I help to dress someone?

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Ivan Fisher

With over 20 years of experience within the funeral industry, Ivan Fisher answers some of the most frequestly asked questions posed to him and the team. If you have a question you would like to ask you can contact us here, send us a tweet @_ivanfisher or call us direct.

In the majority of cases, we will always endeavour to make this happen. It can be a very difficult task for a family member to perform but many people find it very rewarding. Dressing someone in their own clothes, particularly if they have been poorly for some time before they died and haven’t been able to be dressed as perhaps they once did, can help make the person look more how you recall and actually bring some comfort to family and friends.

When choosing an outfit, please don’t forget underwear or stockings etc. We like to be able to dress someone exactly as they would like to have been dressed. The best advice we can give to families when they are thinking about what clothes to choose would be to think about what the person would feel most comfortable in and what sort of clothes they would normally wear.

Sometimes a family member might not want to be involved with dressing someone but may prefer to help style the hair or apply the makeup for their relative and we will always try to accommodate such requests.

We want and actively encourage our client families to be as involved as much as they would like to be in this part of the process. It can be a very important part of the grieving process for some and we see it as our duty to facilitate this whenever possible.


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